Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

3 Surprising Things Chiropractics Can Treat

Timothy Byrd

Whether you've never had a chiropractic treatment before or are well-versed in their ways, you probably think that chiropractics can only really help conditions that are connected to the spine in some way. After all, chiropractics is generally defined as a method of treating pain by pushing or moving bones in the spine. However, chiropractics can do much more than help you with back and neck pain. Here are 3 ailments that you might be surprised to know that chiropractics can treat.


If you struggle with regular headaches, chances are what you're experiencing is called a tension headache. Tension headaches are estimated to affect 1.4 billion people, and make up 90% of all headaches. The pain may feel like your head is being squeezed, and the intensity will range from mild to severe.

Chiropractic treatments from places like the Lincoln Chiropractic Center are surprisingly useful in treating tension headaches. Muscles in the neck, shoulders and base of the skull stiffen and become tense, resulting in a headache. Chiropractic treatments target these areas to force the muscles to relax, releasing the tension in your head, face and skull without using heavy-duty pain relievers.

Foot Pain

If your feet hurt, whether it's the heel, ankle or ball of your foot, chiropractics can help. This might surprise you since your feet are nowhere near your spine. Chiropractic treatments help your foot pain in a variety of ways.

Your feet are made up of many bones, joints and nerves, and are constantly flexing when you walk. Because of this, it's fairly easy to have a nerve become pinched in your foot, resulting in pain that travels along the entire nerve. Chiropractors specialize in joints, and adjust the affected joint to release the pinched nerve.

Sometimes, foot pain is caused by poor posture. If your gait is wrong while walking, or you put too much weight on one leg, it can put additional pressure and stress on your feet. This excess weight can even result in bone spurs. Chiropractors treat these foot conditions by adjusting your hips and spine so you have better posture and a normal gait, reducing unbalanced pressure on your feet.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can be dizzying, painful and can potentially cause hearing loss if left untreated. Usually antibiotics are prescribed to treat the condition, but frequent antibiotic use can weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerable to illnesses. Ear infections also have a tendency to come back after treatment, particularly in children. Thankfully, chiropractics has a solution for recurring ear infections, too.

A chiropractor published research showing that 80% of the children she treated who were suffering from chronic ear infections remained free of ear infections for six months after they started treatment. She focused her treatments on adjusting the upper-cervical region of their bodies, including the back of the skull and the first vertebra in the neck. This process helped the infected fluid in the ear to drain naturally, and quickened the healing process.

The next time you're struggling with an ailment, consider giving your chiropractor a call. Even if the pain is nowhere near your neck or spine, your chiropractor might have a way to treat it.


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