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Focusing On My Back Injuries

Is Massage Safe For Diabetics?

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Massage has long proven to be beneficial for overall health and mental wellness. If you’re diabetic, however, you may be wondering whether it’s safe for you to get a massage since the procedure involves manipulating tissues in the body. The good news is, if your diabetes is well controlled, it is safe for you to partake in this luxury. However, there are a couple of precautions you’ll need to take to minimize the risk of experiencing complications. Closely Monitor Glucose Levels It’s well known that massage can help...

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What To Expect At A Chiropractic Visit

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Seeing a chiropractor for the first time can be nerve-wracking; after all, they are dealing with sensitive spinal and neurological problems. Here is what you can expect from your chiropractic visits (at local providers such as those from North Star Chiropractic Center).  An Examination Phase Each chiropractic visit will include an initial assessment, where your doctor will check in to see how your treatment is going. This could include taking measurements of your spinal alignment, taking new x-rays, and even asking how your symptoms have...

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4 Ways To Kick Your Headache To The Curb

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Headaches tend to be more common than what you think. Since you can get a headache from just about anything, some individuals have to look for help almost every day. Thankfully, there are a variety of treatments to help you put your headache pain behind you once and for all. If you haven’t tried one of these treatment methods, there is no time like the present to do so. Lavender Oil Beyond smelling amazing, lavender oil is great for getting rid of your headache pain. You can either rub it onto your temples or inhale it. If you plan to...

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A Few Techniques The Chiropractor May Use To Ease Your Back Pain

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When you think about going to a chiropractor, you usually envision lying on a table and someone leaning over you, cracking your back. While chiropractic work does involve the manual manipulation of your spine, there are other procedures and techniques the practitioner uses to alleviate your chronic back pain. Once you have had your initial examination, including X-rays, the doctor may choose to use a few of these techniques in addition to, or instead of, manual manipulation: Ultrasound Therapy The sound waves produced by ultrasound equipment...

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Battle Back Pain With Three Lifestyle Changes

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An appointment with your chiropractor gives you a major reason to smile if you’ve been nursing a sore back, but you don’t have to live in unbearable pain between appointments. Of course, no one is suggesting that it would be wise to attempt to adjust your own spine, but it’s often possible to reduce your aches and pains without the use of drugs. If you’re among the 80 percent of U.S. adults who suffer from lower back pain at one time or another, some simple lifestyle adjustments can provide a degree of relief until the...

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Stave Off Back Pain With These Three Workplace Tips

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Regular chiropractic appointments are an effective way to reduce your back pain and increase your mobility. And, while the approaching summer likely has you dreaming of beach vacations and cottage getaways, the reality is that you’ll spend a considerable amount of the summer at work. If you have back pain, sitting long hours at your desk can be arduous, but since your schedule probably doesn’t allow for daily trips to the chiropractor (such as Mauk Chiropractic), it’s best to take matters into your own hands between...

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3 Ways To Reduce Your Back Pain While You’re Sleeping

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You need to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re sleeping in order to ensure that your sleep time is uninterrupted and that you are able to get the rest that you need to function during the day. One of the main reasons why people have a hard time sleeping is because they experience back pain while they sleep. Luckily, there are three ways to reduce the amount of pain that you experience from your back. Consider these three tips to regain your night’s rest. 1. Change Your Sleeping Position If you sleep...

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Alternative Approaches For Treatment Of Chronic Back Pain

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If your doctor has tried the traditional non-invasive forms of treatment and you still experience chronic pain in your back, they may offer surgery as your next option. Before considering surgery, there are several non-traditional approaches that may give you relief. Here are a few different treatments available to you that may keep you from having to undergo a major back surgery. Chiropractic Treatment A chiropractor, like Charles C Gerleman Chiropractic Clinic and others, is focused on the spine and the muscles and nerves surrounding...

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Massage Therapy + Relaxed Muscles = Priceless!

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Even though chiropractors put a price on their massage therapy services, the benefits you get out of this type of therapy are priceless. If you currently see a chiropractor, ask him or her if they provide massage therapy. Then you will get the following benefits, too. Skin-to-Skin Touch From infancy, humans are programmed to relish skin to skin touch. All of the biochemicals responsible for happiness in the human brain immediately elevate when you are touched in a pleasing or relaxing way. Endorphins and oxytocin combine to relieve pain,...

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Three Alternative Forms Of Treatment For Children With ADHD

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Are you looking to get your child’s ADHD under control without the use of medication? You may want to consider one of the following alternative treatment methods. Chiropractic care Chiropractic medicine centers around the belief that everything in the body is connected, like a chain. If there is a kink in the chain, the body isn’t able to function properly. The nervous system may not be able to send and receive complete messages. Kids with ADHD are hyper aware of surrounding noises and distractions. Because ADHD is a nervous...

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