Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

3 Tips To Help New Parents Save Their Back

Timothy Byrd

One thing in life that brings joy like nothing else is having a baby and becoming a parent. You will face many challenges and your patience will most definitely be tested. You will lose sleep and you will also likely experience back pain. The pain will be a result of the additional physical demand that taking care of a baby requires. There are a few things that new parents can do to help manage symptoms related to back pain and injury, including:

1. Lift Your Baby the Right Way.

Whether you are lifting your infant from the car seat, crib or high chair, you need to keep your spine in neutral position and use your legs (not your back) to lift. Bend at your knees and lift gradually. Make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and grounded to help keep your balance. The same technique should be used when placing your baby down for a nap or even for a diaper changing.

2. Opt for Raised Surfaces for Diaper Changing.

You are going to go through plenty of diapers in one day, so this is one task that can do the most damage on your back. You may be inclined to change your baby on the floor, but you'll be leaning forward, which can put extra stress on your spine. Instead, you should opt for using raised surfaces, such as a tall changing table, when changing your baby's diaper. Just be careful to not use a surface that is dangerous and poses the risk of your baby rolling off, such as a dresser.

3. Choose the Appropriate Height of Stroller.

While you want to choose a comfortable stroller for your baby and one that is in style, you also need to consider your own needs. If the handlebar is too low, you'll find yourself bending over too much. You need to have the handlebar at a very comfortable level, which is usually around the belly button. Your arms and shoulders should be able to be relaxed. Most strollers come with an adjustable handlebar, but you may want to double check that the one you are considering does indeed have this before you buy it.

Parenthood can and will be exhausting, but it is also incredibly rewarding. In order to meet the extra demands that a new baby brings and to be able to properly take care of your little one, you need to take care of yourself. If you find that you are suffering from back pain and can't shake it, you may want to speak to a chiropractor in Fort Myers, FL or nearest to you to make sure that there isn't something serious going on. In some cases, you may just need a slight adjustment.


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Focusing On My Back Injuries

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