Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

Visit a Chiropractor for Chronic Headaches

Timothy Byrd

When you suffer from unusual or frequent headaches, it can be a huge burden. When people think of headaches, they often think of migraine or tension-type headaches. But if you have tried to treat these types of headaches with little or no success, you may actually need to see a chiropractor for your problem. 

Why See a Chiropractor for Headaches?

Some headaches can be caused by a misalignment of bones in your neck, spine, and head regions. For instance, if your neck bones are pushed too far forward, it makes your head difficult to support. Your head and neck muscles have to work harder, and they can become tense and possibly push your bones further out of alignment. Pain can result in any of these regions when your bone system is out of shape. A chiropractor can check for these conditions and adjust as needed. 

What Does the Chiropractor Do?

On your first visit to the chiropractor, you will likely get an X-ray and a physical exam. The X-ray will show how your bones stack on top of each other, and the chiropractor will take some measurements to determine the angles on your spine and neck. The physical exam will show if there are any noticeable deformities in your bone structure, but it will also reveal hidden pain. That is, if you are not used to moving a joint a certain way, you may not even notice that you have a problem with that joint. Finally, you will be asked to do some range of motion exercises. An inability to look very far up to the ceiling, for instance, can indicate that your neck joints are stiff and not supporting your head properly. This may be a cause for your headaches. 

What Kind of Treatments Will I Get?

If the chiropractor sees a connection between your headaches and your musculoskeletal issues, there are a few things that can be done. They can adjust your spine and neck so that these bones work together more smoothly and alleviate pressure. They can also recommend therapeutic massage if that will help to correct muscle tension that is fueling your headaches. There are also at-home exercises that you can do to correct your spinal alignment. 

Getting to the Root of the Problem

A chiropractor like West Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic is a great step to take when you can't figure out the source of your headaches. And even if you find that your headaches are more related to something else, a good chiropractic routine can support your body's health. 


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