Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

Stave Off Back Pain With These Three Workplace Tips

Timothy Byrd

Regular chiropractic appointments are an effective way to reduce your back pain and increase your mobility. And, while the approaching summer likely has you dreaming of beach vacations and cottage getaways, the reality is that you'll spend a considerable amount of the summer at work. If you have back pain, sitting long hours at your desk can be arduous, but since your schedule probably doesn't allow for daily trips to the chiropractor (such as Mauk Chiropractic), it's best to take matters into your own hands between appointments. Make the following simple changes and you'll have reason to smile even when you're not at the chiropractor's office.

Maintain The Right Posture

Slouching and leaning forward at work can cause considerable back pain that can make you miserable in between chiropractic appointments. Do your best to maintain a healthy posture while you're seated by keeping your shoulders held back, your head in a neutral position, your back tall and straight and your feet planted firmly on the floor. Distribute your weight evenly between both sides of your buttocks; leaning or twisting to one side can put considerable pressure on your back. 

Adjust Your Chair Accordingly

You'll have a tough time adopting the correct posture if your office chair isn't set up correctly. Many companies will hire ergonomic consultants to ensure their employees are comfortable at work, but there's no harm in taking ownership over your seating situation yourself. Adjust your chair—or seek a new one—so that your elbows are bent at approximately 90 degrees and your legs are bent at the same angle. Your chair should support your low back; many chairs have a lumbar-support knob that you can turn for added comfort. When seated and facing forward, your eyes should be in alignment with the upper half of your computer monitor. Finally, adjust your chair's armrests so they provide a moderate degree of support; ideally, your shoulders should be slightly higher than normal—but still comfortable—when your arms are on the rests.

Don't Stay Put

If you sit too long, back pain can rear its head—even if you use the right posture in a perfectly adjusted chair. Keep a close eye on the clock throughout the workday—and set your smartphone alarm, if needed—and make sure to get up every 30 minutes. These breaks don't have to hinder productivity; simply getting up, stretching and taking a quick walk around your desk takes only seconds, but successfully limbers up your back by the time you return to your seat.


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