Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

Suffering From Tinnitus? 2 Natural Ways To Treat It

Timothy Byrd

Suffering from tinnitus can be really exhausting, physically and emotionally. Here are two natural methods to add to your toolbox that can potentially help you better manage and treat your tinnitus symptoms.

Improve Your Diet

Your diet may contribute to the frequency of your tinnitus. Making changes to your diet, and trying to eat more healthy and balanced, could help you fight your tinnitus. Here are a few different foods that you could add into your daily diet that may be able to aid your fight against your tinnitus.

Legumes, Kale, Spinach: These three foods are rich in both zinc and magnesium. Increasing the level of both zinc and magnesium in your body can help your ears fight against your tinnitus and reduce how frequently it occurs for you.

Garlic: Garlic is well-known to have many anti-inflammatory properties. One possible cause of tinnitus is inflammation inside of your ear. Eating raw, uncooked garlic can help you decrease inflammation in your body. Raw garlic has higher anti-inflammatory properties than cooked garlic. If you can't stomach raw garlic, try taking a garlic supplement.

Eggs, Cheese, Tofu, Bran, Crab, Shellfish: The one thing that everything on that list has in common is vitamin B-12. It has been found that about half of the individuals who suffer from tinnitus actually are deficient in vitamin B-12. You can get your daily vitamin B-12 from eating the food listed above or by taking a B-12 supplement.

Make sure that you are providing your body with the nutrition that it needs to fight your tinnitus.

See Your Chiropractor

Another way to improve your tinnitus is through chiropractic treatment. When you go through your first appointment, make sure that you explain to the chiropractor that you have been experiencing ringing in your ears, how long you have experienced your symptoms, and what else you have done to treat it.

For some individuals who are still searching for a reason for their tinnitus, it could be caused by a misalignment of their neck and spine. This misalignment may have occurred due to a trauma that you experienced or because of a natural drift in your body's alignment over time.

Having your neck adjusted may help reduce the frequency of your tinnitus. Keep in mind that it may take more than one treatment for you to see a benefit; it can take a while for the adjustments to stick and for your neck and spine to stay correctly aligned.

If you feel like you are hitting a wall in treating your tinnitus, consider looking at changing your diet and seeing a chiropractor; both of these natural changes could help you reduce or even eliminate your tinnitus. 


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