Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

Using Technology To Correct Posture

Timothy Byrd

Many people with office jobs usually spend most of their time sitting, and this can significantly affect their posture. Regular back stretches and correct ergonomic alignment can help you to control the effects of sitting for long periods. However, extended hours or sitting can lead to poor posture, which can in turn cause serious health issues that that might force you to visit a chiropractor.

It is true that the efforts to improve and correct posture have been futile, and that's the reason why technology is being used today to help in correcting posture. Today, there are numerous gadgets and applications which come with automated reminders to assists their users remain aware of their posture. This, in turn has greatly helped people to avoid upper and lower back pain that is caused by chronic slouching. The following are some tech solutions that help you correct your posture.

Lumo lift

This is a tiny, magnetic device, which is usually worn on the shoulders. This device usually tracks your activity and posture, and then it instructs you to either stand tall or sit depending on your sitting posture. Lumo lift communicates to you through gentle vibrations and it prevents you from sitting in a bad posture for extended periods of time.


This device is stuck to your lower back using a special adhesive, and it delivers mild vibrations when your posture changes. UpRight has been designed to be worn for up to an hour every day, and it helps you in training your back muscles.


This is a posture-developing application, which comes with two programs or modes: prevention & recovery. The prevention mode helps in demonstrating and prompting stretches that encourage good posture and decrease muscle tension. Additionally, the mode also instructs you to have short breaks. On the other hand, recovery mode has been designed for people who experience back and neck pain, poor circulation and deteriorating vision. This mode instructs a user to take regular breaks of 10 minutes.

Posture-Man Pat

This app has been specifically designed for Apple computer users. Posture-Man Pat uses monitors the height of your head using the Y-axis of your computer's webcam. The application then alerts you by either ringing a bell or dimming the computer screen when you begin slouching.


Prana is a device that is clipped to the waistband, and it is used to track posture and breathing patterns of the diaphragms. In addition, the app distinguishes between bell and chest breathing, and it occasionally sends signals to remind the user to sit or breathe better.

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