Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

2 Daily Habits That Keep Throwing Your Back Out of Alignment

Timothy Byrd

Although you feel great after having a chiropractic adjustment for your back, you may find that you start to have discomfort again after a few days. If this sounds like something that you are experiencing, it is possible that there are a couple of daily habits that you are maintaining that keep throwing your back out of alignment.

1.  Sitting on Something Stuck in Your Back Pocket

One back pain-causing problem that you may be in the habit of doing is sitting on something in your back pocket. If you tend to put your wallet, phone, keys, or a notepad in your back pocket and leave it in there while you are sitting down for even a couple of hours, you may be unwittingly contributing to your back pain. 

Even if the item in your pocket is thin, it will still cause your pelvis to shift to one side while you are sitting down on it. As a result, the muscles on the opposite side of your spine from the pocket will tense up to compensate for the awkward position.

Not only do these tense muscles make your back sore, but they also pull on your spinal column, which causes your vertebrae to become misaligned. To combat this, try to get into the habit of emptying your pockets before you sit down.

2.  Carrying a Purse or Bag on One Shoulder

Whether you carry a purse, backpack, or another bag on one shoulder every day while you are going to work or school, the way you are transporting the bag can contribute to throwing your back out of alignment. If you are in the habit of keeping the item on one side or the other, the shoulder that bears the weight is pulled downward, even if there is not an immense amount of weight to carry.

While your shoulder is being pulled downward, the spine in your upper back shifts toward the bag. Then, to compensate for the change in posture, your lower spine shifts in the opposite direction. As a result, your back's alignment is thrown out of whack. Instead of carrying your purse or bag on only one shoulder, alternate between shoulders to periodically redistribute the weight.

Even small daily habits can throw your back out of alignment without you realizing it. For more information on changing the ways you carry items, sit at your desk, or even walk, speak with the chiropractor at your next chiropractic care treatment.


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Focusing On My Back Injuries

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