Focusing On My Back Injuries

Focusing On My Back Injuries

Are You Dealing With The Signs Of Sciatica?

Timothy Byrd

Sciatica is a painful health condition. It is caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve, and it can be difficult to treat without a chiropractor. This is why so many people go on living with this pain.

Are you uncertain if you are dealing with sciatic pain? Here are some of the things you need to know about this condition.

Sciatica May Impact One Side of the Body

The pain associated with sciatica usually only impacts one side of the body. This is different from other types of back pain, which impact both sides. If you find that the pain is only on one side, it may be sciatica, especially if you feel the pain running up and down the legs.

You Have Numbness Below Your Hips

When the sciatic nerve is compressed, it can cause numbness in the legs. This numbness typically starts at the hips and extends down to the feet. Again, it is usually on one side of the body, although it is possible to have numbness on both sides in severe cases.

You Have Sharp, Stabbing Pain

The pain associated with sciatica is usually sharp and stabbing. This is different from other types of back pain, which tend to be duller. The pain may also be worse when you sit down or stand up. Some people feel the stabbing when they take a step with one leg.

Your Symptoms Persist & Worsen

If you have sciatica, the symptoms will usually persist and even worsen over time. The pain may come and go at first, but it will eventually become more constant. You might begin to find it unmanageable after weeks or months of mild pain.

You Have Poor Balance & Coordination

Because the sciatic nerve runs through the legs, it can impact your ability to balance and coordinate your movements. You may find yourself stumbling more often or having difficulty walking.

You Feel Weak

The sciatic nerve also controls the muscles in the legs. When it is compressed, you may feel weakness in the legs or even what feels like a complete inability to move at all. You may struggle to lift your leg or put any weight on it.

Contact Your Chiropractor

If you are dealing with any of these sciatica symptoms, it's time to seek help. Speak with a chiropractor to make sure that your problem is sciatica and not something more serious. Get help for your symptoms now to see a change. 


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